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Buy Me A Coffee!

If you like what I do and want to say thanks, click on the link below or at the top of the page to

'Buy me a Coffee'!

This is a great site where members can make small donations to Artists & Causes.

I also have a membership area where for a few £'s a month you'll get a Tarot reading 

and regular updates.

Buy Me a Coffee

Why Buy Me a Coffee?

I prefer this site to Patreon, which is a little too money grabbing. Most of the money here actually goes to the artist. It also offers a nice website where you can keep track of what's new, blogs, digital downloads, and sign up for an ongoing membership.

Every penny I make through Buy me a Coffee i put back into my business. This means your donations go towards, blog content, website upkeep, buying new materials to craft with, to offer new items for sale and new services.

Consider yourself a patron of the arts. Donate a little, it means a lot.

Thank You


Buy Me a Coffee
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