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What are Bone Readings

You probably have come across people reading Runes before. There are many systems bouncing round the internet, mostly based on 1980's interpretations from the New Age Pagan Movement. A few rely on the Rune poems, as these are the greatest source of information of possible meanings of Runes or at least the words attached to them. The Runes are then picked in a 'Casting of Lots' method.

My method is a little different, it relies on pre-reading meditation, then the casting of specific bones inscribed with Runes upon an animal hide which is representative of the cosmos and omphalos to shamanic journeying; which are then read in poetic oracle form.

This method of reading goes further than a standard Tarot or other divinatory method, it is usually concerned with "Big Matters" as opposed to trivial, and is insightful in what will shape your life rather than events in the coming weeks. 

It hearkens to the tradition of Seiðr, a branch of Norse magical practice centered around Divination, and Urðr or 'Wyrd' how your fate is crafted from your situation at birth, through life events to possible futures.

The reading requires an altered state of consciousness, and due to the lengthy procedure I only do a couple a week at most!

If you are interested in a reading send me a direct message on my contact page or reach out via social media. I also undertake specific reading sessions on each Sabbat or Sacred Day which I will soon be sharing online. 


A Digital Reading Sent Via *PDF - £10.00

A 30 Minute Private Zoom Bone Casting Session - £20.00

Please allow an extra 15 minutes

Image by Carla Santiago
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