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RUNE BONE CASTING Oracle Reading Only 2 Available Per Week! Old Norse Seiðr Tradition. 


This is a Rune Bone Casting Reading using a method unique to my tradition. Bone casting or the drawing of lots is an age-old tradition and is central to my Seiðr witchcraft practice. Bones carved with specific Runes are cast on an animal skin and from that I receive an oracle (a telling of the Past/Present/Future).

You will not find this type of oracle anywhere else. The purpose is to connect to your fate and give you an insight into your life. In doing so I can answer a question or simply tell you your future. This is done through means of oracle messages.

I only do two readings of this type per week, as it takes time, a lot of focus and is quite draining. So if I have done my weekly readings I will temporarily deactivate the listing until the following week.


I prefer to do these readings in person or over video, as a connection to the person’s Orlog Nornr (Fate) is paramount. I offer these readings as well in my other listings. However, with your NAME, DOB, and Ideally a PICTURE I can make close enough a connection to you.  I will then do the reading and Email you a *PDF!


With a strict focus on you I attempt a trance state. I cast the bones and write down the messages they give. I will then photograph the reading. Then I will type it all up and send it over to you via a digital download along with my suggestion as to what I think it means. It is then up to you to decide how you act on the information, the Runes only give IMPRESSIONS on how things WILL BE if you continue as you are, NOT what CAN BE if you decide to go against your Set Path.


Please only 18’s and older. 
All readings are for “Entertainment Purposes” and are not a substitute for professional Legal/Medical/Financial Advice.
How you act upon the information you receive from the reading is up to you, I will not be held responsible for the outcome, this is what Free-Will is all about.

Digital Download RUNE BONE CASTING Oracle

  • This Listing is for a Rune Bone Reading, NOT a Rune Set!

    I undertake the reading myself. Photograph the process and type out the reading and send it to you via Email in a *PDF file.

    Please supply the required information below, any particular question or concern you want addressed, your Name, DOB & Email address.

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