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Personal Paranormal Experiences: 1. Shadow Hat Man

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

It is my intention through this short series of blog posts to detail the weird and, at times, unsettling paranormal experiences I have encountered in my short life, all of which have pushed me into an enduring faith in the supernatural. I promise, none of this is made up. These are MY accounts, they happened to me, I do not need to make this shit up. It is real.

The Setting

My very first account is also one of my earliest memories. I was no older than 4 years old. I know this because the House in which it happened we moved out of when I was 4. The House was in St. Nicholas Road, in Hythe, Kent, England. A terrace house, with a green front door, three bedrooms and a garden. I have only a couple of memories of that House and nothing earlier. One I was playing in the garden, driving my cars through the mud, there was a blanket on the grass. Another, my older brother lifting me up and forcing me to touch a spider therefore enabling a lifelong arachnophobia. A couple more memories all which tie in to what I am about to relate.

As you entered the front door there was a narrow hallway, a door to the immediate left leading into the lounge, a staircase to upstairs on the right and adjacent to that another door which lead to the dining room, which lead respectively to the kitchen. From the small kitchen there was a back door on the left which opened to an alleyway which ran alongside the length of the kitchen to the garden. As you enter the dining room the kitchen doorway is the other side of the room on the immediate right, on the same wall is a large sash window over looking the alleyway already mentioned. I go in to these details to make it clear in your mind that there could have been no other explanation to what unfolds. The House was North Facing so the sun always hit the back of the House over the garden and the dining room window let in a lot of light.

There was only myself and my mother living there.

My mother was pottering about cleaning. I was sitting on the floor of the dining room facing East, opposite me there was a fireplace, to my right the Kitchen and window, behind me to the left the door to the hall. I distinctly remember which action figures I was playing with. Batman, Robin, and The Terminator. I had a huge bunch of mixed coloured Lego bricks which I made into rectangular boxes, which were in my mind, spaceships. Plenty of space for Batman & Robin to sit in to escape the Terminator.

The Event

My mother was now in the lounge, hoovering or some such thing. I was playing, but a movement to my left made me look up. The assumption being that mother had come into the room.

There was no body. Only the distinct body of a shadow, moving in such a way as if to be creeping, it was moving across the wall but also in the room. Naturally, even at that age I knew that shadows are cast by objects getting in front of light, the only light source being the sash window and it was a bright day so I looked out of the window down the narrow alley expecting to see our neighbor Gordon. The alley was empty.

I looked back.

The shadow was moving further into the room.

At this point I can clearly state the feeling I felt at that young age. Fear, confusion & a knowledge that what I was looking at, simply did not belong here. It was a gut revulsion and horror, that this thing was moving into the same room as me in a way that displayed a consciousness.

What happened next?

I screamed and ran.

I bawled the House down. Rushed out of the room, past the 'thing' into the lounge. My poor mother couldn't get any sense out of me. She went to check the dining room, there was nothing there. It took a long time to calm me down, I was insensible. Eventually I described what I saw, The stalking shadow wearing the Wide Brimmed Hat.

It was not until the past few years that I realised this was a thing other people had witnessed. Oh I had assumed it was a shadow person, a ghost passing through. But then I heard about the 'Hat Man'.

There is a comfort in knowing I am not the only one to have seen it. This image is the perfect representation of what I saw. What it wanted? I don't know. If you want to know more about the phenomena Search 'Hat Man Ghost' online, there's loads of info and even a few documentary films, but it is too broad a topic for me to delve into any further here.

This was not the only incident in this House.

The rest occurred upstairs.

On our landing there was a six foot lamp, a cream lampshade with tassels. I hated it. At night it would sway. My mother saw it too. The windows would be shut and all the tassels would be moving.

I slept in the same room as my mother. The second bedroom was cold. Ice cold. I didn't go in there.

Mother would wake up in the night and see shadows in the bedroom. I'm glad I never saw that otherwise I am certain I would have an abject fear of the dark even now. She always said it was a man, he would stand over the bed and disappear when the light was turned on.


We were in that house until I was four. Then mother met someone and we moved, within the same town, to a House opposite a military base.

My mother & I remember St. Nicholas Road as a very unhappy House. One day I will go back there and asked if the current residents have seen anything.

But it was not the last time I would see something strange. Or even the last time I would see the Shadow with the Wide Brimmed Hat.

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