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Personal Paranormal Experiences:2. Shadow Man Returns/Stairchaser

In these posts I record the weird and creepy experiences that have occurred to me or that I have witnessed over my short life time. The first recorded my first ghost sighting as a child. This one continued after we moved house.

My mother, my soon to be step-father and myself moved into Martello Cottages in Hythe, Kent when I was four years old. We lived there for 5 years. Compared to our previous residence it was a quiet house. Far more modern.

2 bedroom but very large rooms and a huge garden which I loved.

Remember I was very young and children really don't care too much about the goings on of the supernatural, that is until night falls. As an adult now I would love to revisit and spend time in each room, listening and watching, trying to figure out what was there. One day perhaps.

This post will be shorter than my last. Only two things occurred here.

The Setting

You need only know that the house was large, a front door opened onto a spacious hallway from where all other rooms connected. In the middle was a staircase of 14 steps, closed in on both sides by walls. At the top of the stairs mother hung her massive gilded mirror over looking the staircase, a step to the right opened to the master bedroom, to the left my own. My room was enormous, with a sloping ceiling on one side my bed underneath it, a window which overlooked the back garden and a range of hills

At the base of the stairs was a six foot full length mirror screwed to the wall, which was there when we moved in.

Event: 1

My main issue with this place was the stairway. Even with the lights on it felt dark. Now I wasnt a very physically able child, I spent a lot of time out of school due to problems with my legs and would spend some years in a wheelchair because of it. But whenever I went up those stairs I felt the need to get up them as quickly as possible. I had a distinct impression there was always someone right behind me.

This feeling only grew in the time that we lived there.

I would scamper up the stairs as fast as I could trying not to look behind me, because when I did all I saw was my own reflection in that full length mirror at the base of the stairs. Seeing yourself staring back at you and nothing in between when I could be sure there was SOMETHING, was unnerving to say the least. Going down the stairs was fine, but going up made you feel chased.

It turns out I wasn't the only one who came to feel the same way. I had told my mother why I would rush up the stairs and she admitted she felt something to. So she decided to remove the bloody mirror at the base of the stairs. The reasoning was that we must have been seeing our reflections when we glanced behind and it made us feel followed.

It got worse.

Now, when I walked up the stairs the feeling of being followed remained and when I glanced behind there was but a brick wall and nothing between us. That space of nothing felt very full, as if the nothing was trying to make itself seen, trying to be tangible, but was just nothing.

The mirror was placed back after a week.

Event 2

The second event took place in my bedroom. As stated previously it was a large room, my bed on the furthest wall away from the door under the sloped ceiling.

It was one night I was probably no older than 7 or 8. I remember just waking up. Not knowing why. I looked about my room and all was quite still. A vague light poured in from the window, moonlight or the urban glow. My door stood open a jar as it always did.

As I looked at the door I noticed a flicker.

I thought it must have been my mother checking in on me, which was what must have woken me up.

Then it came in.

Through the doorway though the door did not move. A tangible shadow.

It stalked into the room. A darker black against the black of the night, but it seemed SO physical, as if it was a man wearing black rather than a cast shadow.

It had some features.

In its left hand it held something, a bundle, a rope, a chain, I couldn't make it out. There was a jacket, a face which seemed disfigured, but it morphed and reformed itself grotesquely. On it's head unmistakably, a Wide Brimmed Hat.

It's gaze was fixed on me and it approached, moving slowly but with intention. I felt like a rabbit trapped against while a fox took it's time thinking how it would best consume it's meal.

Naturally I did the only thing I could.

I screamed.

And screamed.

Mother came rushing in, hit the light and the thing dissipated.

As before I was beside myself and took some calming down, eventually she got the story out of me.

Later, she said herself how she had woken one night to see a man, other than her husband standing in the doorway of her bedroom. He had walked toward her bed and she had shot up and shouted for him to get out. The thing had then fled into nothingness.


I have not seen the man in the Wide Brimmed Hat again. It does appear to be a phenomena as I have stated before, if you Google 'Hat Man Ghost' you will find a multitude of articles and videos. In the time that we lived there I always felt chased up the stairs.

We moved house when I was 10 years old after my mother divorced my step-father. I can happily say the next house was peaceful. Though this was not the end of my experiences.

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