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I am fortunate enough to live in rambling, wild countryside where animals die every day. I do NOT hurt, maim or kill animals. I treat their remains with respect and work to breathe new life into them, as I hope someday someone will with mine.


If you decide to return an item or your entire order, please do so within 48 hours of the delivery date and time. When we get the returned product/order, you will receive a full refund equal to the value of the item(s) you returned (minus the initial postage fees) if said item(s) arrive in the original mint condition, or a partial refund if they arrive damaged as they can't be re-sold.
So please be careful with the packaging.
Some items due to their nature are non-returnable for health and safety reasons. such as oils, perfumes, herbal mixes, powders etc. 
You are responsible for the return postage fees.


As a self professed Pagan Male Witch I am often asked my views regarding the many Pagan movements and political alignments often associated with them.

I do not align myself to any of them. I do not support Fascism, Racism, Homophobia or discrimination of any kind. My practice is that of inclusion. 

Yes, arguably historic records do indicate discriminatory practices among ancient Pagan peoples, however spiritual faith is revelatory and not a stagnant thing, it is allowed to grow and change and has done for thousands of years.

I am not connected to Asatru or other established 'Religious' movements and am not aligned to any political body.

All views expressed on this site and in the Blog are my own. They will be derived from study and research and a life of practice. It is not my intent to offend anyone.


Wyrd Bones is not responsible about how the products on our website will be used by other individuals.


I aim to ship all orders within 3 days to allow time for spell-work, readings and order cancellations. Currently all physical items are only for sale in the U.K, this is due to laws surrounding the transportation of animal remains oversea. However, I am well connected with fellow Witches and Crafters in many countries who I can always put you in touch with.

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