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A Brief Bio

My family heritage is a hodge podge of Scandenavian & Irish, though we've lived in England the past few generations. The various religious practices they brought with them stayed strong among us, and I grew up immersed in our folk traditions.

At University I studied Theology/Philosophy in order to become a priest having been drawn to Christian teachings whilst reading all sacred scriptures.

In my second year, having studied ancient Hebrew, I become disillusioned by Christian interpretations of Biblical texts and rediscovered my pagan heritage.

Since then I have held many jobs, working for the N.H.S, Zookeeper, Cafe Manager; am a published Writer, Proofreader, Editor and Artist. 

Covid-19 allowed me time to fully engage with my craft being suddenly unemployed and the public's reaction has been astounding. So much so that I now only do part-time muggle jobs but am a Full-Time Witch (also known as "Struggling Artist") and have never been happier.

I provide hand crafted items for use in witchcraft, using natural resources, fairly gathered from my wanderings. I do my best to ensure that the natural environment is protected, I do not harm animals and treat their remains with respect in crafting with them, lastly I am careful to make sure that all laws are adhered to.

I also provide Rune Bone Readings, via Zoom sessions or Digital download and

Tarot readings using a variety of decks.

Other services I hope to soon provide will be; Spiritual Counselling and advice on practicing Witchcraft from my tradition's perspective.

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